Website Critique

Follow this format for both the website critique. Number each of your responses and print them out in the order below. [length: about 3-5 pages, typed and double-spaced, excluding visuals]

1.       Print out the home page and at least one other page from the website you selected.  These printouts will serve as your bibliography.  You may make margin notes of observations and/or critique on that page.  You may also refer to specifics about the page in your description.  (See number 3 below.)

2.       Why did you select your site?  What interested you about this particular site? 

3.       Describe key features of the site, including the following:

·         Overall theme or main subject for the website;

·         Types of materials presented on the website (e.g., letters, diaries, photographs, illustrations, historical summaries, literature texts);

·         Specific topics addressed, in connection with that theme, about women’s work in the 19th century;

·         a summary of what you learned from the website about one of those topics.

4.  Describe and critique the apparent reliability of the information on the website.  What sources appear to have been used in its preparation?  For what purposes does the site seem to have been prepared (e.g., to archive and present primary documents, to interpret key topics, or some blend of the above)?  In light of its purposes, would you judge the overall content to be accurate and effective? Why or why not?

5.  How do your findings connect with what we’ve been studying in the class?  What connections you can make with specific readings?  How?  You might want to characterize points of similarity/agreement and/or differences/disagreements between some of your course readings and content on the website.

6.                   Describe and critique the organizational plan for the website and its relationship with the website’s contents.  Does the homepage give a clear sense of what is included and how to find various subtopics?  Why or why not?  Is the website easy to navigate?  Why or why not?  Does the organizational plan used by the site match well with the theme/subject and topics covered?  (For instance, are the main buttons set up to correspond to key topics?  Do the main sections of the website, as organized and presented, work together logically?  If there are photographs, illustrations or graphics, do they complement/reinforce the theme effectively?)

7.  Describe and critique other design elements of the website.  Is the visual display plan effective? (e.g., Is the site too cluttered/busy?  Is there too much empty space?)  Are the font sizes and designs appropriate (e.g., attractive, easy to read)?  Does the website make effective use of color and spacing?

8.  Specifically, if you were to become “content manager” or “designer” of this website, what changes might you make so that it be more effective as a source of knowledge about women’s work?  Why?

Score Sheet for Website Critique

Names of Students:________________________________________________

URL and name of website: __________________________________________

Points possible


Points earned


Home page provided



Rationale for site selection



Description of site’s key features



Description and critique of site’s reliability and purposes



Connecting findings with course material (readings, topics)



Description and critique of organizational plan of the site



Description and critique of design elements for website (color, attractiveness, font choice, etc.)



Plan for improving the website