Women's Work in the Long 19th Century

Personal Project Proposal

Please address the following questions by providing a bullet list or paragraph for each.

1.      What is the goal (or what are the goals) of your project?

Be sure to choose a manageable aim, considering the relatively short time period in which you have to work.  Remember that a suitable goal might be to develop a detailed plan or proposal for something you could later carry out as an internship or directed study.


Content-oriented goals--to identify useful information about Atlanta-area women doing laundry in their homes after the Civil War; to prepare an annotated bibliography of websites focused on immigrant women settling the west

Research methodology-oriented goal--to find archival information about Reconstruction-era schools in northwest Georgia and characterize what is available; to identify and begin carrying out several approaches for gathering information that SHOULD be included in an already-existing website

Technology-oriented goal--to create a webpage or a plan for a website using images of women's education from the course collection of images

Blend of Methodology-oriented goals and content goals (involving a technology focus and at least one kind of research approach)--to create several web pages of recipes for making bread in the home during the 19th century; to identify an archive with images of (or information about) Reconstruction-era schools in Georgia and produce one image or set of information for visual display in Powerpoint or other media tool

(Note that items on this last list would probably work well as  group projects.)

2.      What new research/learning will you be doing?

Examples--returning to a public history site or websites you have already visited; telephone interview with an expert docent or archivist; traditional library research; visit to an archive

3.      What will your product be by the end of the term, and how will you present it to the class?

Examples--a Powerpoint display; a web page or set of web pages; a mock-up of several pages for a future website; a plan for an exhibit or design for an exhibit

4.  What equipment (if any) will you need for your presentation to the class?