Major Project Proposal

Representing Women’s Work in the Nineteenth Century

Hist 3341 & Engl 3330; fall 2001

Please set up your proposal to address the following elements in the order given.

1.      On the score sheet on the back of this page, list a tentative title for your collection of web pages as it will appear on the introductory page for your sequence.

2.      Attach copies of 2 to 3 (and no more than 4) images you plan to interpret in your collection of pages.  Provide a title you will use for each image as it will appear on the website. (See samples on the “Managing the Help” section of the draft website.)

3.      Provide a brief summary of your major theme or the basic, overarching argument you plan to make about your collection of images, with an explanation of how you see the images as relating to each other.

4.      Using MLA format, provide a list of primary and secondary sources you will use for writing about the images’ cultural context and for a supplemental bibliography.  (You should include at least one source studied in class, and at least one not studied in class.  You should have a total of at least 3 sources and preferably 4.)

5.      Transcribe one quotation you will use in your cultural context section and include a page citation in MLA format.  Explain how the quote contributes to your theme and/or argument.

6.      Summarize one point you will make about each image’s representation of women’s work—e.g., the audience it addresses, the ideology it illustrates, a purpose you think the image could have fulfilled and how.

7.      Draw a map of how the web page sequence you are designing will look and how the pages will link to each other.

8.      So that the instructors can try to offer some helpful guidance, describe key questions or challenges you associate with your work for the project.

Score Sheet for Major Project Proposal

Names of Students on Your Team_____________________________________

Title of Your Project: __________________________________________

Points possible


Points earned


Copies of images with appropriate titles for the webpages you are doing



Summary of theme/argument for your collection, including how the images relate to each other



Bibliography of primary and secondary sources you will use, in MLA format; minimum of 3 sources



Quotation and explanation of your choice of quote, in correct MLA format



Points you will make about each image



Map of your webpages



Key questions you have and/or challenges you face as you work to complete the project and how you will address those challenges